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Hey Fardin,

Hong Kong is a great city! It feels like New York City on crack, with mostly Asian women of course. Hopefully you've got a thing for that look, because you'll find tons of Asian women in that city from Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, the Phillippines, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, among other places. I also saw a lot of visiting Australians, as well as European and American transplants.

The two biggest game tips I can give from my very short five or six day stay in HK:

1. Chinese culture is very big on saving face. You have to closely screen Chinese girls for the meaning behind their communication with this in mind - whether in person, by text, or otherwise. Because of the culture of saving face, women will intentionally say things that to a western person mean "yes" or "let's move forward" that actually mean "no" and "i want you to decline, but I'm just being polite." I don't have any specific examples off the top of my head right now - it's something you'll have to learn from observation and experience. However, the signs of these are very, very subtle - meaning that sometimes a girl will say thing that mean no in the social frame when she really wants you to take the action and lead her to the next level; other times she'll say things that will save face in the social frame, but that she really doesn't want you to do. The problem happens when you don't heed that frame - it will annoy and irritate the girl, and she'll never want to see you or speak to you again if you violate saving face.

2. There are lots of Filipinas in Hong Kong who are working on visas as maids, house workers, etc. They all get Sundays off from work - and these girls thus all go out to the bars all day on Sundays into the night. I found that to crete an incredible atmosphere for pickup in the bars on Sundays - you walk into these bars where the ratio is like 9 women to 1-2 guys, and most of the guys suck at game. It can make for some very wild and fast encounters - I picked up a girl in about 15 minutes after spending 45minutes at a bar at 2pm in the afternoon, we went straight home and had sex.

Sound like it will be a fun time!!