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I come from this as someone who spent his early 20s in the south after going to college there as well. What I found was that a lot of the former sorority girl types typically moved to big cities and lived that social media princess lifestyle. It did seem like they were far from over it even after graduation and were still chasing that cool kid way of life. One would think that the blonde bombshell types would be over it after their sorority days in college but I find a lot of them are now chasing that same popularity lifestyle through Instagram, traveling, and many other means.

Glad we agree on the social class thing.

As for the bartending gig, I have a tough decision coming up for real. On one hand, I really enjoy my career and I am in the business world. The things I learn benefit me a lot with game and make me better but I am approaching my late 20s soon and I feel like if I do not scratch the nightlife itch, it's going to wreck me mentally moving forward. No matter how much sex I have, I am not fulfilled given that I have not bartended or worked in a nightlife venue, it's almost like I am treating it like a rite of way.

I don't want to do it for life and my career is on the right path, at times I wonder if a sabatical is a time I can do this in. It's not an easy path at all and I am willing to put in the hours, definitely does not seem as doable as you made it sound like in your 7 easiest ways to get laid post....