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If it motivates you to get there, I think it's probably good.

I don't there are that many former sorority babes who now lead housewife lives and look on with envy at some girl who used to be uncool, all dolled up now, hooking up with some guy who used to be an outsider, now super cool.

Generally post-university, if a girl was a hot, popular, sorority, girl, she is either going to give that up because it no longer appeals to her (she's done what she needed to with it, and is over it). Or she's going to shift into a post-school role that lets her do even better. e.g., be a pharmaceuticals sales rep, flirt with tons of wealthy, successful doctors, and date whichever ones of those she thinks are the coolest / hunkiest / most promising, etc., all while going to posh, exclusive parties on the weekends.

That said... we all tend to project. So when you feel envious, it can be easiest to imagine others feeling envious. And hard to imagine them just being like happy for you without feeling any envy. If it motivates you, it's good. I've probably had a few things over the years where "they will be so envious / they'll totally regret it" served as a partial driver... when you get there, you realize they don't care, and it was a little silly to have been so fixated on that, but if it helps, it's cool.

One would think though that to an extent, the elite would almost become exclusive to some degree in adulthood too right. The rich business people or rich corporate types gathering around one part of the city that the less well to do cannot afford or the boring suburban types cannot thrive in. For example, people in younger and more fun industries will socialize with each other, the people in the cool part of town will socialize with others in a similar situation, etc.

Yes, this is what happens.

When you're elite, you don't usually go slumming in the poorer / more middle class parts of town. Non-elite people lead different lives, are different kinds of people, and just think very differently from people who are elite... the thinking / life perspectives are probably the biggest differences, honestly. So they end up trying to insulate themselves, and spend more time around those more similar to themselves.

I also wanted to ask since you mentioned nightlife, read your post a while back about the 7 ways to get laid a lot and you mentioned working in nightlife as one of them. Can this be done on top of a 9 to 5 from your experience?

Sure, it can be. You'll run into a guy doing this now and again. He has a decent 9-to-5 day job, then come nighttime he's also a bartender at one of the city's most popular bars.

That said, it is rare. And since he diverts so much of his focus toward his nightlife job, his day job will tend to suffer (few/no promotions, stagnation, and so on).

Usually what happens is either he will have his fill of nightlife and quit after a few years to focus on his career. Or he will go all in on nightlife, and quit/get fired from his 9-to-5 job, and make nightlife his thing.

Either way, it can be done, but it takes a great deal of effort and sacrifice, and most guys won't do it for more than a few years (opportunity cost is just too high. Also, at some point the guy is usually going to realize he likes one of these things far more, and is kind of "over it" with the other).