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Call it a revenge fantasy but as someone who missed out on being a part of the exclusive Greek Life crew, I am almost a bit driven to have my redemption honestly for the rest of my life. Some will say those kids don't care anymore but I think even if she becomes a housewife, your typical sorority broad will always hunger for that social status even well past school. Having it now versus seeing them decline, to be honest, it is almost beautiful to an extent to see some sorority broads get karma served to them for being bitches back in college.

One would think though that to an extent, the elite would almost become exclusive to some degree in adulthood too right. The rich business people or rich corporate types gathering around one part of the city that the less well to do cannot afford or the boring suburban types cannot thrive in. For example, people in younger and more fun industries will socialize with each other, the people in the cool part of town will socialize with others in a similar situation, etc.

I also wanted to ask since you mentioned nightlife, read your post a while back about the 7 ways to get laid a lot and you mentioned working in nightlife as one of them. Can this be done on top of a 9 to 5 from your experience?