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Well, to break it into little fast baby steps:

  1. Spot girl
  2. Move next to her
  3. Pre-open her (get her to glance at you, or touch her elbow)
  4. Open her ("Going anywhere exciting?")
  5. Flirt/banter ("Sounds like you'll be on the train all day!")
  6. Get compliance ("Give me your hand, that's such a neat bracelet")
  7. Move her ("Let's hop on [the train]")
  8. Find out logistics ("Which stop is yours?")
  9. Instant date ("You know what, let's change plans and get a coffee") or number close ("Let's trade cells before we lose each other, we need to grab food or a drink sometime soon")

At that point, she's either doing something with you right now, or you've got her contact information to meet up with her later.

Simple little process, but works very well.