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Bruh, id like a response to this one as well. In my experience, YES, cause what it seemed to be to me is that they feel you dont like them enough to cum, or they feel that you dont find them attractive enough to cum. So they take it as a self esteem hit. That seems to me to be why the Pros on this site reccomeend that a guy cum in her pussy every time you have sex at least until you two have been together for a while, and never finish on her chest or in her mouth. You want her to know that youre into her. Women have a powerful drive and compulsion to draw sperm from men, and if they like you, then they want you to like them too. And you cumming during sex is proof of that. Here is something i did with my ex: I can literally pound away for an hour if i wanted to, and still not cum. Bigger problem is, i get tired and bored. So what i do is let her ride, and take a break. I let her work for it. After about 5-10 minutes, BOOM, and ive never seen a woman more satisfied before in my entire life. Letting her ride gives me a break, and also gives her sexual power and freedom to unleash herself and dominate. Its hella sexy and adds to the experience, and thus turning me on and bringing me to climax. Afterwards, she was more into me than when we began. Point is, yeah, bro, make it a point to climax during sex, and let her do some of the work as well. Sex is a two way street, and she wants to please you just as much as you want to be pleased.

If anyone disagrees or has a counter to this, id love to hear it.