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I am a huge proponent and fan of making sure I have proper logistics and waiting for the right context before actually meeting a girl. There was one time I actually stalled on a date with one girl for four weeks just to make sure that we actually had the appropriate time to meet - she kept suggesting times that were, say, in the afternoon and away from my area, then telling me she only had two hours before having to meet another friend for whatever, or had other plans.

Those were all no-go's and I simply told her that we can reschedule for another time when she's more available and free.

Finally we met four weeks later in HER area (less ideal) but at that point it was doing that or not having it at all, and she had the evening free. And, that night we ended up grabbing drinks, then going for tapas somewhere, then driving to her place where we made out in my car, and FINALLY because she wasn't showing any signs of leaving the car, I just started driving to my place and we had sex that night.

So - I always recommend meeting girls with proper logistics so that you CAN move quickly. I hope that's helpful for you, Tomas - it sounds like girls really like you off the bat, so you just need to set it up so that you can capitalize on it. Remember - you're the man, you're the leader, you tell the girl when and where to meet, and you set up the seduction. She's just a passive player who will follow you and hope it works out.