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Hi Varoon,

I have a story and wonder whether it's related to self-esteem.

I met a woman. She was not very attractive, but still decent looking and nice. I had only one hour time for her. We were walking in the park, sitting, talking etc. She felt embarrassed to look into my eyes, but the talk was good.

Actually, I wasn't turned on, but I still liked her. I took her hand and kissed her. She reciprocated passionately and almost threw herself into my arms. We talked and kissed more. Then, the hour was over. She offered me to visit her at her place next time and explained me where she lived,

She texted me first, some two hours after the date, very kindly.

Next morning, she appologized in a text that actually, she hadn't felt the right spark with me and preferred not to meet again.

Varoon - I am an advanced seducer and the stories like this one do happen. What's the common reason for this incongruent behavior? Wasn'ŧ there really a spark for her? Or there was, but she felt she made herself too easy for me? Or was she afraid I'd leave her after sex? What do you think?

Regards, Tomas