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Hey Chase,

A few questions concerning frame control:

How should one react when someone else uses a force frame on you?

Secondly, I have some trouble with frame control, i.e imposing my frames or fighting others. I have read your article on the matter but I keep getting difficulties to master it. Is it possible that there is a specific problem with me, as in not everyone is meant to master it, but only certain dominant individuals?

Lastly, quite off topic, but how do I deal with insecurity? I'm insecure and uncomfortable in certain situations and to hide that, I pretend to be in control (I realized that after countless retrospections on my social outings) and it seems people somewhat know that I'm really not what I'm trying to show. I realized that one too because when I see someone else like me, I can immediately tell that this guy is not legit. How can I get around that?