How Reality Pace Openers Help You Connect to and Intrigue Women | Girls Chase

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Hi Robin, glad you enjoyed the article.

To answer your question, yes reality pace openers, can be used in day game too. I may write an article specifically for these types of day game openers in the future. It might be a long one though, because as you can imagine, each opener will need to be tailored specifically, for the day game location you're approaching in. For example, you might use one reality pace opener at a coffee shop, and a completely different one at a park, or clothing store. . .

However, once you truly understand the principles, detailed in the above article, and as you grow more experienced meeting women in various venues, you'll find yourself developing the peceptive skills, which will allow you to come up with a solid reality pace opener in any venue.

After all internalizaing frame control, and making use of your perceptive skills, is what allows you to get into the minds of attractive women. You reach a level where you can easily understand their reality, and instantly know how to frame it to suit your purposes. Without having to think about it.

Anyway, here's a couple examples for day game. This one will work in open spaces, like parks.

"You know, spring (or summer) has to be one of my favourite seasons. The sun shining, the warmth and bright blue sky. All of these things. . . make you feel energized, relaxed and even a bit excited about your day. No wonder we all tend to make great memories during this season. . ."

This one will be good for coffee shops, and cafes.

"Have you ever noticed what makes coffee shops so interesting?"

"You walk in, get your warm (or cold) drink, and as you sit in this place. You feel comfortable, because it's like you're in this personal bubble. You can look outside the window, watch the world go by, see people rushing up and down the city, heading to work and school. But you're just in your own bubble, relaxed and enjoying a break from reality."


Hope this was helpful Robin.