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Interesting question!

I can't speak for every man, but I, as a man soon to turn 26, can't remember I ever had shame about my sexuality. People tried to shame me for being a nerd or too good in school or too outspoken. People have shamed me for multiple reasons, but to this date, I know I have done the right thing all along by not caring. I care more about what is important for me rather than the people around me. Who cares what society says? Who cares what your jealous peers say? Or your parents? They care about THEIR status quo, not yours... When you stand up for yourself and become the person you want to be for your sake, and not for the sake of others, that's when you don't feel shame about anything really.

Ask yourself this: If I can't own myself, how can I ever own anything about myself, such as my sexuality, emotions and life?

I think this topic would make a great article btw