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Hello Chase, thank you for your long/elaborate answer.

I totally agree with your 3 points, I just believe in the long term my method, if you are able to be "radical" makes thing easier, mainly because it supress hunger and increase satiation (the easiest way for most people to consume less calories). (and it is radical only in relation to what we consider normal, and this normal is very extreme in nature, no animal eat a "balanced mixed diet" everyday, they go with the seassons and with what is available. ( people interested into this concept can google "do not eat for winter" and the "randel cycle": why mixin carbs with fat may ve bery damaging and fattening) 

just 1% of the vegetable kingdome is edible ( plants has toxins, secondary metabolites, anti nutrients, indigestible substances, your typical plant defense against herbivory, plants are made of sugar (carbs), and do not have complete animal nutrition, there can ever be a strong case for assuming that the more plants you eat the more calories you will need to ingest if you want to avoid nutritional deficiencies in the long term), almost 99% of animals are edible an concentrated sources of nutrition, animals transform plant nutrientes into their animal form, so it makes things easier for a human superpredator to eat the animal instead of eating the plant directly. We do not seem to have a powerfull stomach to digest a lot of plants or a big cecum as gorillaz or rabbits, and when bacteria do it in your colon you get some good stuff like butyric acid, but also other not too nice acids or to much acid, gasses, even alcohol.

also I believe plant eating is not efficient even for herbivores, for example the chimp has to eat 6 hours every day, gorillas has the smaller brain in proportion to their body size ( they are the most herbivores of big apes), pandas have not adapted even in 2 million years to ther herbivore diet and they have to eat many pounds of bambo per day only to absorbs 20%, koalas sleep like 20 hours per day to save energy because they eat mostly plant based diet and they dont even look like slim animals ( i know this is not an argument, its just a joke), many carnivores like the lion are very slim and good looking, lol... ( i know there are also slim herbivores like the gazelle, mostly to be able to run or escape from carnivores , probably).

if you eat an animal nose to tail you can be pretty sure you are getting at least some nutrients for all your organs, because we are similar to other animals. ( in the heart of a cow there nutrients for your own heart, same with the eye balls, etc). heck there are even reports of people even thriving only on one single food item: Pemmican ( meat plus fat) for many years... when you are eating less calories it is very importan to be sure what you are eating is very NUTRIENT DENSE, if long term health is a goal of you, but also is some nutrients are missing your body may make you extremelly hungy trying to make you eat more until you get that nutrient, so it also may have an impact in fat loss or body composition. The carnivore diet is higher in protein than the typical mixed diet, and this favors muscle retention or even building, this is very good when you want to maximise fat loss in the context of a calorie deficit...

like 90% of junk food is plant based fried in seed oils, the mix of starches plus fat seems to be the most "fattening", all plant based just because it is cheaper.

the hunter diet does not work for you, because as you said, you are probably addicted to junk food, but if you were able to try it at least for 3 months I will cut my balls if it did not "work for you".

"Reducing your portion size and eliminating bad foods work for everyone"  yeah but for some people if they are not radical, hunger is to strong and it overpowers them, it is the principle of alcoholics anonyms, if you are addicted to something like junk food, sometimes it is impossble to eat less, you have to completely cut it, there is not such a thing as an essential carb in human diet, so sometimes the best course of action is to eat 0 carbs (for some people).

I agree that keto is something to do for life, or at least the mayority of time, that scientific article proves in my mind, how dangerous carbs are, is not that keto is dangerous, is that sugar can be very damaging, a lot of people has arterial damage from eating too many carbs and they have never been on a ketogenic diet. also i believe what we consider the normal state is abnormal, and ketosis or at least fat burning metabolism should/ is the true normal state for humans ( even cows transform carbs into FAT and then from this fat they transform it again into glucose, probably to avoid a glucose overload, we have to do this with our livers, so we can easy get fatty liver disease, all this started with agriculture, wild plants are not so high in carbs usually).

I am very open minded, maybe i am wrong, who knows, i just see so many things confirming my point of view, and i really do try to avoid confirmation bias, and i just want to help, i have nothing to win from proselityizing or whatever.

anyways there are actually not enough animal food ( probably) to feed this (supposedly) overpopulated world, so some people will have to continue eating their very mixed diet.

so people interested in this "radical " method, just go to Frank Tufanos channel , or Sv3rige, or google Shawn Baker, Vijhalmur Stefanson, read about the traditional diets of aborigins, or read the blog of Kevin Stock. with this diet i am almost never hungry, i have to force feed me to avoid losing to much weight!!!

I Agree to disagre Chase, anyways we agree in a Lot, and I really hope you improve your nutrition as most as it is possible to make you healthier and happier because i really need you living long! thanks!