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Sure. I dealt with that as a teenager... always was very skinny.

For me for a long time it was 'lift weights hard, and eat a lot.' Since I was such an indiscriminate eater, I did put on a fair bit of muscle mass, but I also put on a bunch of fat weight as well. Nowadays I do things a little different.

What I'd suggest is to look for as many different ways to get protein in your diet as you can. Nuts, eggs, fish, chicken, red meat. Try to have it a couple times a day.

Snacking is a great way to engineer this. One study I saw found the people who gained the most fat weight over time were those who had boxes of breakfast cereal sitting on their kitchen tables. Meanwhile, those who stayed leanest had bowls of fruit on theirs.

If you want to gain healthy (muscle) weight, it's simple to get a big bowl to put on your desk or wherever you spend most of your day, and fill it with nuts. Throw in something sweet to make it tastier (raisins or chocolate chips), but otherwise just have a bunch of different types of nuts: cashews, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, etc. Munch on those throughout the day and you are getting a high protein snack every time you want to snack, instead of something like a candy bar or cookies or cereal or whatever, which does not have that protein.

If possible, I'd try to add a couple eggs to your breakfast each morning. And always have a slab of meat with at least one of your later meals (lunch or dinner) -- could be chicken, fish, red meat, etc.

If you couple that with lifting weights hard / to failure, you should start to see gains.