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I don't eat home-cooked meals every day these days. I've done a lot of fasting / restricted feeding windows for the past 5 years, and will often have only one meal a day. e.g., I might wake up in the morning, work all morning / early afternoon without eating (better to work on an empty stomach), shower, head outside, grab my one meal for the day, and maybe one light snack (like a croissant or a yogurt cup) a few hours after that. Then nothing else.

Took a little while to get used to that, but now I can go a good 18-20 hours without eating or so before it starts to really bother me at all (assuming I ate at least 1400-1600 calories the prior day).

When I do eat at home though, it's usually one of the following:

  • Chicken tacos (Rubio's recipe)
  • Chicken curry rice
  • Grilled or fried chicken
  • Steak (sometimes with potatoes or bread)
  • Pasta with meatballs

There's this thing I'm hearing about with upwork where they make you pay for clients now and I'm hearing that there's a lot more people joining up work now too.

So is there a new strategy to make a lot of money now you could think of? Because I remember the goal was to get skills and go on upwork and freelance. 

I do not know. I only hire there; haven't done any work on UpWork since 2012. Not sure what its policy is re: workers. I find it difficult to believe it'd charge you for clients though. UpWork makes its money by collecting a percentage of freelancers' income. Charging an additional fee for clients would be like shooting the golden goose with buckshot and then throwing it into a lawn mower. We still get tons of third world applicants to our job posts there and I doubt guys in Bangladesh making $1 an hour are paying much for clients. I doubt they're doing this, at least in a "Pay us 10 bucks to get a client" type of way.

Also please let me know what more I have to do money and women wise so I don't have to worry about it and be on top when dating gets more complex.

Should I worry more about dating now than making money now because of this new complex thing??

Should dating be my main focus??

Let me know what more I have to do and I'll do it!!

Do the stuff that's on this website, man.

No matter how many times you ask, the advice is not gonna change ;)

Do you have any tips on what an older college student should do if he wants to have a social life and to sleep with a lot of girls on campus? Like what would you do hypothetically if you wanted to have a social life, sleep with girls, and you're older? I don't wanna join a frat or anything,  but I remember you saying that college would be the last time you're around many hot women at once and I want to work on my game there.

I was never much good in college. I'd suggest you snag a copy of Hector's book.

There's so something you said a while back about being careful with sleeping with college women, but never stated really to be careful about. What would that be Chase? I'm older as well so that makes me worry a little. Please let me know what to be careful about and how I should move through college.

I was probably talking about the stuff in this article.

Just be smart, don't hit on drunk girls, don't be pushy, if a girl's friends don't like you, probably just abort. That sort of thing. Don't do anything where it's easy to paint you as 'the enemy'. Just be a cool guy who hooks up with girls who want him, that's all.

Again, though. Check with Hector. He's the expert on the college landscape. I only know it as an outsider. Any college girls I sleep with I meet somewhere else; I do not hang out on college campuses and have not been in school in over a decade. It's a different thing when you're there.