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It's funny I was just thinking after I saw a video from an email from you recently, "Chase is in great shape in his 30s". 30 isn't even old, but people always talk about how when they hit 30 they just get fat and don't get girls anymore lol.

What's your home cooked meals that you eat daily Chase? And how do you drink so much water?

I honestly can't drink too much water or I go mad, I try to have some water enhancers and diet tea when I can. No diet soda though.

I also try to eat too healthy which makes me eat worse later on, so I'll try to eat less and control my portions.

Idk if you'll go back to a previous comment I had which was a response to you, but I was saying in my last comment about what do I have to do to be comfortable and not deal with the dating complexity.

I'm getting real swole now, working out 5-6 days a week, I also have been working on women more now, only thing I need is finances to be in order.

There's this thing I'm hearing about with upwork where they make you pay for clients now and I'm hearing that there's a lot more people joining up work now too.

So is there a new strategy to make a lot of money now you could think of? Because I remember the goal was to get skills and go on upwork and freelance. 

If you have any more tips on what to do to make a lot of money let me know because like I said before I flunked math too much to even do stem.

Also please let me know what more I have to do money and women wise so I don't have to worry about it and be on top when dating gets more complex.

Should I worry more about dating now than making money now because of this new complex thing??

Should dating be my main focus??

Let me know what more I have to do and I'll do it!!


1. Do you have any tips on what an older college student should do if he wants to have a social life and to sleep with a lot of girls on campus? Like what would you do hypothetically if you wanted to have a social life, sleep with girls, and you're older? I don't wanna join a frat or anything,  but I remember you saying that college would be the last time you're around many hot women at once and I want to work on my game there.

2. There's so something you said a while back about being careful with sleeping with college women, but never stated really to be careful about. What would that be Chase? I'm older as well so that makes me worry a little. Please let me know what to be careful about and how I should move through college.