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Cheers for voicing it, and I'm glad you enjoy these pieces.

Yes, I can't do too many of them, lest the site lose its focus. But I think it's important for a man to have a strong solid of history, philosophy, and reality if he wants to excel socially and romantically. I mean, I suppose you could be an illiterate hedonist who gets strung out and shags women at beach parties every weekend. Although many hedonists in my experience have a fairly deep thoughtful of these subjects. There's a lot of overlap between masculine fields of inquiry and social/romantic success.

It's commendable that in the very same venue one honest man can learn how to best cumshot a girl in the face and ponder on deep life dilemmas.

Haha... yes, good to have some variety in the content, no? :)

On my part, I promise to resume and improve my up to now disastrous pursuit of pussy.

Very good. May that soon no longer be so disastrous!