A Man's Legitimacy | Girls Chase

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Dear Chase,

I don't know if it's ok to ask this to you, but you're the only one who could solve the conundrum I'm living in.

I'm a European guy who, among other things, is passionate about politics and actively engages in political activism in spare time (although I avoid toxic fights about partisan politics and debate only with a selected few who can match my expertise and open-mindedness on the subject).

The problem is that in the wider political spectrum I generally stand as a social democrat (with nuances of democratic socialist), while on all gender related issues I moderately agree with standard manospherian theories. As far as personal life is concerned, I am now in a post-MGTOW phase in which - after going full monk for two years in reaction to my ex gf desintegrating my life - I see I have to recover from the trauma (needless to say, it was traumatic for me only, since it took her just two weeks to "move on") and open up to women and life again.

As you may have already inferred, my beliefs seriously undermine my legitimacy as a progressive, since most progressives are feminists and don't hesitate to label me as sexist-misogynist; as a manospherian, since I'm not "redpill" enough; as a friend or potential lover/boyfriend among the "intellectual" and progressive people I associate with (I myself being one, sort of). In fact, every time I openly voice my opinions, I am met with disdain, in conformity with in-group thought orthodoxy patterns. Of course I sometimes try to overcompensate the crumbling legitimacy with monumental efforts or draconian harshness, but as a result everything is falling apart, alas especially with girls.

So, what do you think I should do/not do in order not to screw up my life in those areas, given that I don't consider lying as a viable option?

Since you (as the other Authors of Girls Chase - except maybe Alek Rolstad, to an extent - as well as PUAs in general) seem to politically gravitate toward the American Alt-Right, your point of view radically different from mine makes you the most qualified to respond to my cry for help; or even to go as far as giving some general advice to all non Anglosphere-minded and/or non right-wing men (which are the two preeminent underlying untold assumptions on the social and natural world that underpin each and every article here, made of 1. a set of principles with wich to interpret the phenomena and 2. instrumental advice on how to behave; but well, given how incredibly knowledgeable and intelligent you are, I know you are aware of how arbitrary and distorting such perspective is. Just like any other mental model, after all...) who still wanna do great with women and not be bullied/shamed by feminist friends and lovers.

In your oracle I trust, o high priest of seduction and all social interactions

Thank you