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Good evening Chase,

Being a very long time reader of your blog but having never commented before, I wanted to finally voice my pleasure for this article and all the past ones that don't directly tackle women-related issues.

I think the greatest aspect of this website is how your oeuvre is from times to times interspersed with long thick articles that deal with existential themes (both on societal and individual level) and new skills acquisition, e.g. the series on rhetoric.

Actually, after about a year of binge-reading tons of articles about the nitty gritty of seduction, and putting into practise such advice the best that I could being a 36 yo ultra inexperienced introverted guy (and neither rich nor good looking), I started focusing more and more on the "off topic" articles that you have penned in the years so far, until now that I read the latter only. It's commendable that in the very same venue one honest man can learn how to best cumshot a girl in the face and ponder on deep life dilemmas.

Keep up the outstanding work and hopefully see you soon on your next "off topic" article, although It could be that -girls being the core topic of the business, which you presumably don't want to water down too much with unrelated talks- it won't be too soon. Fair enough, since almost each piece is a near masterpiece of its kind.

On my part, I promise to resume and improve my up to now disastrous pursuit of pussy.

Following your work from a land afar,