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I remember this girl was curious about me and I hesitated to tell her the exact answer. I baited. And she was crazy, the flirtation was on! The back and forth vague answer as she keeps chasing until she gets that answer. I change the topic and waited a few days before bringing it up myself to avoid being reactive. Still, after she heard the answer, she would reduce her investment tremendously.

Personally I just find this kind of behavior annoying. I had plenty of experiences like you where you tell the girl the thing she wants to know, and she loses all interest. Next I shifted to leading her on forever, but I've found you'll usually hit a wall where she is just single-mindedly obsessed with trying to figure out what she wants to know about you, while shutting down your attempts to escalate. She's basically a time sink.

The way I usually deal with it now is to not leave giant question marks that make women obsessively curious. That solves the problem 93% of the time.

However, a minority of the time, you have the weird chicks who want some drill-down level of granularity into your life. They want to know some very specific details about you that you just don't care to give them. In that case, I give those girls a compliance test: "Let's have a seat and we can talk some." Or if we're already seated, "Let's change venues, it's too noisy here. We'll head somewhere else, and we can talk about it." If she resists, she loses, and I'm done talking to her (she'll follow me around and bug me for a bit to try to find out what she wants to know, but if she isn't complying with me she will never find that out). If she complies, I'll reward her by letting her find out... after I make her guess a bit or whatnot. Usually after she guesses it I will go into a story about it. Since she's interested in it, it gives you a chance for some decent storytelling.

So I told her that I usually won't share this but if you tell me about X, I'll tell you. She outright said No and me first. I changed the topic again, but she outright called me out on it and hammered me. I was busy at the time so I asked her to help me in something so I finish and tell her and she says No again and demands me to "Just say it"

So in this case, how could you handle this? While still not supplicating and a pushover, but still getting intrigue and keeping it.

"No dice, sister," and walk away.

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