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The girl... when did I post that, four or five or more years ago? It sounds vaguely familiar but I don't have a clear memory on it anymore. I doubt there's much story behind it... just some girl whose sex drive woke back up after a few weeks of being active and suddenly it was all she was thinking about! Women get pretty sex-crazy early on in a new relationship with a guy they're into. All that repressed sexual energy gets to unleash.

Re: Article about "Ending properly is most important"

I think you wrote an article about emphasizing on ending something. Conversations. Dates (especially). Ending the date well is important and how you bid good byes is important. But I looked through your lists of articles and can't find it anymore :(

Do you have the link?

I believe that was most likely this article:

"11 Mistakes that Ruin First Dates (and How NOT to Make Them)"

Skim down to "Date End Mistakes" for that part.