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Hi Chase,

I have one irrelevant question.

Have you ever encountered girls who are "I must know everything" type of people and will chase after you and begging "Telll me!" until you do. If you don't, they become auto rejection. If you do right away, they feel instant satisfaction and their behaviour and engagement immediately lowers. Texting you like crazy and instant responses? No longer. Pulling you by the arm and saying "Tell me!"? Not any more.

So is there a way to balance this and still milk this intrigue while sparking interest? I would love some examples if you have some, it helps illustrate how to bait this and not supplicate.

With that said, I read your bait article, intrigue and keep it, and not supplicate articles, and here's my story about what I tried and didn't work.

I remember this girl was curious about me and I hesitated to tell her the exact answer. I baited. And she was crazy, the flirtation was on! The back and forth vague answer as she keeps chasing until she gets that answer. I change the topic and waited a few days before bringing it up myself to avoid being reactive. Still, after she heard the answer, she would reduce her investment tremendously.

Re: Re-take - When I tried to get compliance in exchange - still didn't work

Compliance gives attraction right? So why not try getting that if she's chasing for something

So coincidentally, I bumped into her again after a long time and she had already forgotten about me. And this time it was about something else and she once again was chasing after an answer. Funny thing is, this time she won't let it go and even put on her mean game and challenged me, but I didn't supplicate. Instead, I thought ok if she's trying that hard, might as well see if I can get some compliance from her in exchange. So I told her that I usually won't share this but if you tell me about X, I'll tell you. She outright said No and me first. I changed the topic again, but she outright called me out on it and hammered me. I was busy at the time so I asked her to help me in something so I finish and tell her and she says No again and demands me to "Just say it"

So in this case, how could you handle this? While still not supplicating and a pushover, but still getting intrigue and keeping it.

Would love to hear your thoughts,