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Hey Chase,

Re: Amazing article!

I feel like this article has potential to trigger off many guys who have that "angel" in their pedestal XD.

But it's great that you posted this. Much of this stuff is normal psychology but instead of "accidentally happened", we take hold onto the handle and seed it into her head. Sort of the way being her boyfriend and she would pick off things from us too. 

Then again, doing this would lower her guard for everything, and not just with us, just as great sex with a girl that sexually liberates her and makes her horny and curious with sex in general, entering the experimental phase. But that's fine. They deserve the enlightenment eventually, so why not let it be us.

From my memory, you talked about the girl who wasn't sexually active, but after screwing her 5-6 times in the weekends as a normal thing, she changed. One day, you wanted to go watch a movie and she objected, saying "what if I wanted to kiss you..." and wanted to stay at home instead.

What was the story behind that? ;)


Re: Article about "Ending properly is most important"

I think you wrote an article about emphasizing on ending something. Conversations. Dates (especially). Ending the date well is important and how you bid good byes is important. But I looked through your lists of articles and can't find it anymore :(

Do you have the link?