Tactics Tuesdays: How to Pick Up Girls Who Are Out to Be Seen | Girls Chase

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Hey Chase,

Thanks for this article. It clarifies some good issues with handling girls. I feel I can relate. I mean we prop up our fundamentals and look good, so we are noticed and so we can meet girls. 

However, our hesitation isn't because of "can't properly measure this guy's status" but more approach anxiety or what not. And then we warm up and near the end of our outing, we're a beast.

Btw, you used night game here. But does the same thing apply to day game and would the solution you laid out be different? Since some girls out daygame will also "want to be seen" but won't be measuring status (as club game) or stick around for a long time (as night game does). In fact, the girls who are down to quick lays are girls who wear a t-shirt at a night club and comes by at the beginning. 

If I remember your clubbing article, you also recommend to go early because that's when girls who are down to lay are going to be there, and don't stay till late night when men are drunk and getting more aggressive (girls knowing this will also start leaving). How does that tie with this article's step for "end of the night"?


Re: When she / or your pals nag you

How do we respond in either situation? I gave some examples to illustrate what I mean below.

Some examples:

Friend: How are you? You don't know so good.

I know there are worse, but can't think of another example for pal thing.

I usually just say "Anyways..."

Are these still considered "tests" when our guy friends say it? I usually just brush it aside.

Girls nagging example (some I heard from others) and how to handle her tests

1. Guy: I offered her help but she ran off

Her: Can't really blame her for running from a guy with your looks. 

Guy: ...

I would probably say "And here we are, staying still" in a playful and wink tone

2. Said teasingly

Her: So John wins the night (WWE) match, I guess you think you're the big man now?

John: Some reply

Her: Well, I bet nothing about you is particularly big

John: No way, blah blah

So he failed her test. But then what would we say then? It is sexual innuendo and we shouldn't insult her back. Then...

Girl: Or maybe you don't... ride much

John: ...


3. Another good performance (presentation or performance of any stage spotlight)

Girl: The ladies were a little disappointed in your... (Leaning in and talking by your ear) performance tonight, John. (Touching your chest with her finger) But you must get that a lot (Walks past you)

Another sexual innuendo, but more flirty with more nonverbal from her. Though might not make a difference (flirting means nothing)


Re: A similar taste but not exactly the same - When a girl teases you that builds you in a bad light (not outright insult but subtle)


When I leave home late and decide to drive instead of taking the bus

Her: (sees me) Going for the car instead of the bus today? (in a knowingly tone and body language)

Me: Yeah, I feeling naughty and wanted to help out global warming today

I just thought of that response now as I'm typing this. I actually said "I could take the bus, but don't feel like it"


Now those were only a handful of examples. There are numerous out there and we would write libraries if we are listing them out.  Any rule of thumb that help adapt for coming up responses for varied but similar situations?

Thanks Chase!