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Hey Victoria,

Thank you for the feedback, it's very much appreciated!

In this modern world, we men are losing perspective of what it means to be a man, for instance things like what I call "calibrated masculine aggressiveness", or when the man makes a fast, smooth and bold move towards making sex happen. There is this general sense that it would be negatively perceived by the woman. Instead, what many guys (and myself, many years ago!) do, is that they aim at getting a second date, then a third, etc... with the impression that they will ultimately "win her over time". While in the meantime trying to gather clues that the girl is interested and gaining confidence to move things forward. It is a very widespread but very incorrect view of dating.

You ended up dating your man because, in spite of your disappointment, you gave him a second chance. This is because you liked him a lot. But many girls out there won't even bother a second date. And if they grant him a second date nevertheless, they will make things harder for him!

How many first dates in the world end up in disarray because the man failed to move when she was open to his advances?

That's why I think the best chance to make "things happen" is for the man to push for sex on the first date.

Even, and especially, if the goal is to take her as a girlfriend!


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