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Any social profile where you display significantly more status than the majority should work well. You can try to hint on conspicuous consumption for instance, portraying yourself in five stars hotels or other high class venues, or in a luxury car. Consistently showing pre-selection also works well. In any case, only a minority of women of a certain kind will message you first. The majority will not make the first step. So if you try having women make the first step, you are missing out on a lot of good women who would otherwise be keen to sleep with you.

The fact that many expected second dates never happen, is actually backed by hard empirical evidence. If you are not already doing so, take a look at the forum, you will find many stories along these lines there.

If you are too slow to make your move, another guy will ultimately make the step before you do, that is guaranteed sooner or later.

But another possible (and likely)  reason is that she turned cold on you. That happens more often than not. She rationalizes that, if you didn't make a move, it means you didn't like her sexually. She then protects her own ego by convincing herself that she doesn't like you this way, too. It's called "autorejection" here: either she goes outright cold (and you never hear from her again), or she puts you in the Friend Zone.

Making a mistake in the subsequent communication is another big candidate reason.

Ultimately, being a good Seducer is first and foremost about not fucking things up. Simple truth... sadly so true.


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