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I went out right after I read this!! I went solo, I talked to the amount of girls I said I would talk to, I deep dived some, pulled numbers, passed shit test that I didn't even realize were shit test, and got compliance when I thought I couldn't and stayed strong!!

I've been in the gym consistently since earlier in the year for 5-6 days. Took a break here and there, but been very consistent.

I quit the mating game because of many flakes I would get and not having money. Now I'm like fuck that, I have to go hard!!

All I need to do is make good money, I told you many times before that I'm so bad at math that I can't even pass simple classes.

So I'm guessing freelance is the way?? I also heard that upwork is making you pay money to pitch to clients now making it even harder to freelance.

If it's more complex to freelance then what do you recommend to make a lot of money??

I'm willing to become an entertainer or something, a fitness guru or something.

If you could help me come to a solution on what would be a way to make money even with this new up work stuff let me know.

I want to sit pretty with health, money, women, happiness, etc.

You said that at some point hard work won't even matter? What happens then?? To become an incel that lives at home with no money??

That sounds like someone who might give up on life literally.

There has got to be a way.

Do I have enough time to reach these goals and enjoy the fruits of my labor??

I have done so many things wrong on this site for years and haven't given it my all, then I quit because it became too much for me.

So many years wasted, so much youth and good information wasted!!

All I had to fuckin do was day game and I probably would have been a fuckin GC author or something.

Anyway, I need to achieve my goals, I don't know what to do if there's no chance to do them.

Tell me what I need to do.