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Well, it's hard to say.

There are already signs a lot of people have begun to withdraw from the mating system.

18% of women ages 18-30 and 28% of men ages 18-30 had no sex for an entire year, for instance. In 1989, the number of percentage of women 18-30 who hadn't had sex for a year before was only 13%; the percentage of men 18-30 who hadn't had sex at all the prior year was 15%. It seems like more and more people, especially men, are either giving up on mating or being squeezed out of the market.

In many ways it seems like the current system is straining and creaking and groaning under its complexity. And in all honesty, once you've reached the point where many guys need to actively study material like we have at GC just to get somewhere with their love lives, we are probably pretty close to peak complexity.

But these things are impossible to perfectly predict. I really do not know.

It doesn't seem like the dating market is ready to collapse just yet though. Which means that yeah -- as much as it is already straining under its own complexity, it will probably get more complex.

I guess you'd better stop delaying and start putting this stuff to use, SZ ;)

(I think you'll be safe with Girls Chase material for quite a while though... while the majority of men are aware of pickup/seduction advice, we aren't close to the point where the majority seriously use it. Most think it's 'overcomplicated' or that it's all a scam or would never work -- which means we haven't reached the point where the majority of men are so hard up for dates they're willing to en masse treat dating as a skill set and work on it as hard as they work on their other passions or careers. It's still a relatively small subset of men who makes the effort to use the stuff on this site. If you ever reach a point where every guy you know is on Girls Chase though, and you didn't tell any of them about it yourself, then be worried!)