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Absolutely, people will do things to up their odds to meet mates of the quality they think they should be able to get. Beautiful, quality women are no exception. If you think of a woman who's absolutely top tier... say she is:

  • Facially beautiful
  • Physically perfect (body)
  • Highly intelligent
  • Has an appealing personality
  • Is feminine
  • Pick a few other traits you like... tall, athletic, confident, demure, etc.

She will do things that put her in proximity with the men she wants. A beautiful/intelligent girl, for instance, may seek a career in a top firm, where she'll be one of comparatively fewer women, surrounded by more top tier men (giving her the pick of the litter). She might attend some talks given by intelligista and top CEOs, and hope to do a little networking or pick up the eye of some top guy there.

However, she probably won't, for instance, go to a bunch of yacht parties in Monaco, even though she could meet plenty of billionaires she'd otherwise have no access to doing this... and even though that may well be a successful strategy. She won't scrap her corporate job to become an airline pilot, where she can meet a wider variety of top tier guys -- and probably more higher-up guys (pun not intended; I just noticed it while skimming this comment over before posting) -- than what she meets at her job. She doesn't spend all her time in Las Vegas at the top clubs schmoozing with the high rollers.

There are reasons for this. Those other avenues pursued by other women give them access to greater quantities of potential high quality mates, at lower commitment odds. They also give her a lot less time to actively vet the men she wants to date before she has to decide whether to put out for them (which she'll have to do to keep them in those environments, usually) or not. In the workplace, there are fewer ultra wealthy guys, but she has more time to evaluate them for genuine mate quality and odds of commitment. With super rich guys, while wealth is attractive, it's not a guaranteed indicator that a man actually has good genes... or will commit to her (and not one of the 100 other women vying for him) if he does.

The corporate route is just one example. There are plenty of other things beautiful/intelligent/etc. women can do beside pursue a corporate career. They can get into modeling and use their savviness to climb to the upper echelons of the modeling world. Or do the same in acting. They can become painters or sculptors and use their beauty and art to charm their way into some lower tier galleries, where they can meet a top tier guy (or trade sexual favors to get into the better galleries... which as I understand it is usually what you have to do if you want your art there). They can start their own businesses (purses, fashion, etc.). They can develop social media channels that bring them tons of followers (and tons of male suitors -- some of whom will be of pretty okay quality). And so on, and so forth.

However, high quality women tend more toward means of availability that favor their ability to evaluate the mate quality and commitment odds of decent-enough prospective mates, rather than means of availability that maximize their exposure to prospective mates... because maximum exposure typically goes hand-in-hand with reduced ability to vet, and women very much care about vetting. If she has a way to access high caliber men while also being able to vet them over time, a woman will choose that way, and eschew other ways that lack that ability to properly evaluate her mate choices, even if those other ways give her more (but less vet-able) choices.

Thus, most higher quality women are overall less available to most men than average... because they tend to concentrate their efforts on a few small pools of high quality men where they can better vet their mating options.

(however, most of them will still occasionally dabble with other things: "Let's try clubbing and see if there's anyone worth meeting there" or "This cute guy approached me on the street. Well, what the hell, let's agree to the date and see what happens" -- you can still meet them, they're just typically lower availability overall, even for most of the types of men they'd ideally like to meet)

Glad you find the new commenting system good! (we still have a few more upgrades coming to it a little later, too)