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thanks for a fun article. I have one question. You wrote " Maybe she reads Jezebel, was hurt as a child, or just got out of sociology class, but for whatever reason, she just hates men and thinks any guy who talks to her is a creepy rapist or part of the Patriarchy. "

I know your article is a little exaggeration, but still - where the idea that female students of sociology are men haters come from? I have been studying sociology for a long time and I have never seen there a men hater. Even feminists writing thesis on feminist theory are not like this, they are usually just cool girls who do not like sexism. And many female students of sociology are not much a feminists. Maybe it happens at some US schools, so it is specifically US problem (I am from Central-East Europe). Moreover, this kind of thinking ("a man talking to her") is anti-sociological - so if a student of sociology believes it, it is a bad student.