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Had some questions Chase,

1. When you ask if she can date the same day, is that from a different ask than when you ask her if she can get a drink sometime this week or next ?

Because if you ask that, wouldn't it be weird to ask the same day? Or do you just switch it up and ask for a date the same day or sometime this week?

2. How do you move on from girl to girl without having any problems? It seems that to sleep with a lot of girls you have to move quick, and I remember you saying you don't really do fwb and sleep with women twice. I feel sleeping with a girl a few more times makes it ok, so she doesn't feel hurt, but I don't want her attached either, I don't even know how to break it off.

So how do I do that ?

3. What tips do you have for tinder text game? Like opening, conversation, when to get the number, how to ask for it, when to set the date etc?

I also noticed colts tinder system was down, but went back up again, idk if it was a glitch or not, but if so when does the new one come out?

4. Lastly, are we still not paying for dates? Even off apps? Say if you go to a cheap spot for drinks, coffee or pizza, do you still split the bill?? How do you do it while not looking cheap and looking smooth?

Do we still take out dates from apps and online to fun places like arcades or comedy shows like in one of your old articles? Or can we just do the cheap date?

Also I never seen this answered before, but if you use date compression because you haven't slept with a girl, do you still go dutch for those 2-3 dates?

If so how does that play out?