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Dr. Klas-

Good question. I'd assume they're the same... but I deliberately avoid using apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat). So I do not actually know.

Let me ping a few folks and get back to you on that one. I'll update this comment once I have some confirmation one way or the other for you.

UPDATE: here's what other guys from around GC had to say:

  • Denton: "It's the same IMO. Then again my text and online game are trash. All about that cold approach"

  • Tony: "On WhatsApp I use voice memos more often"

  • Hector: "Same principles, except there's 'read receipts' so someone can know if you read their message or not if you turn them on. Most people do. Or you can turn them off, so no one knows if you read them, but you also don't know if they read you. I think that changes the dynamics a bit... in some meta way I can't describe"

Seems to be largely the same (same messages, timing, etc.), except with a few feature differences: voice memos, read receipts. Hope this helps!