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Hey Chase,

Thank you for this addition to texting! I like how you addressed different situations! 

Re: Valentines

Happy Valentines Day Chase ! Have some chocolates! (where we all stay in and play video games or so is the plan)

I tried going out today, but it was raining with snow from the yesterday lying around. 

But I still did it. Went out at 2pm or so, and saw barely anyone out. It was cold and windy and cloudy on a Friday afternoon. So didn't to meet many girls for our National Rebound day :(

Any tips for day game on National Rebound day so I can make the most of it next time? Any time / location / weather considerations to max our outing experience?

Weather might have to do with being fewer people out. Most were old seniors out, maybe because it's at 2pm on a weekday. Then again, defiant girls probably won't be going out at such terrible weather conditions. Oh well, I tried.


p.s. have you tried this in other countries? Any observations?