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Hey Chase,

Really an excellent post. This one will be in my bookmarks and one to reference often. Two questions:

1.) Echoing what the commenter above posted, sometimes the date will not happen until 4-5 days after the number was acquired, meaning there is a lot of downtime. I just had a situation like this happen to me: met girl on a Sunday, she agreed to a date that day for Thursday. We exchanged numbers, warm reply to icebreaker text. Then I set up a time for the date on Tuesday via text and she agreed (did this with the intention of breaking the silence). Thursday morning (today) I text again to confirm and give a location to meet me: she replies with "Im sorry but I have some stuff to do tonight". Whoa! Something went wrong here, and it problably has to do with her cooling off over that period. What to do here?

2.) I've also had two girls this week who I met from daygame respond to icebreaker texts, yet give me no reply at all to follow up scheduler texts. Can think of a few ways to handle these - i.) write them off, ii.) text some witty random comment a days later to see if they respond, iii.) follow up with a phone call a few days later iv.) another scheduler text?

Of course this can be tested scientifically, but I know Chase that you have done the research!

Thanks very much in advance for your reply,