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It's been a while since you post this, so I apologise for commenting probably outside the response window.

Although it's been a wonderful read, this is the only Chase Amante article that has not convinced me, in 2+ years of reading GC. Probably my fault because well, let's be honest, I can't hope to compete with the Author intellectually, nor in other sphere, lol.

The point for me is that I really don't see how one can get around the conundrum of women's actions being mandated by feminine nature. Their sexuality, emotions, lack of an intrinsic definite morality, higher tendency to herd thinking and group conformity, and even the very same tendency to lie about everything (agency included) are well...all innate and we know that they dictate their everyday conduct.

Chase himself, to an extent, agrees to the redpill and feminist argument plus with the standard interpretation of the ultimate seducer paradox as stated in this very piece, and also all articles on GC are based on the assumption that, at the very least, women have a somewhat weaker agency in that they are way less sociologically deviant and independent than men and that they normally respond in the same way to the same stimulus (same input, same output all the time, e.g. sexy man's courtship >> sex; if it does not happen it's your fault not to have fed her the appropriate stimulus).

Still, I'll admit that I emotionally want to believe women have agency, although I know that - even if redpills and feminists quit spreading their doctrines that at the end, as you point out, serve only to advance female goals - women will never be held responsible for anything.

So, all in all, my opinion is that both the feminist (as far as its descriptive part is concerned, the normative simply sends chills down my spine as soon as I think of its consequences, already in place by the way) and the manospherian explanation hold much water in my book, but I think each of them is grossly exaggerated and hyperbolic.

Thus I think women have some degree of agency autonomy and independence, albeit to a lesser extent than men, so that they too should be responsible for their actions.

Let's remember that, in case we were able to actually prove that women have agency, we'd have to come to terms with the fact that they so often (if not always and by default) lie, blame/shame, cheat and cuckold and everything else consciously, freely and on purpose with the sole end goal of advancing their sexual reproductive strategy, whatever the cost in pain for other fellow humans. Can't see which option's the worse...