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Hi Chase,

Recently I've read some of your relationship articles including 'When you should breakup up with a woman' along with Hector's 'The only reason you should get into a relationship' among a few others. I've got a question regarding age gap, interracial dating and dealing with conservative parents.

I'm in a great relationship with a woman in her early 20's and I'm in my late 20's with about a 7 year age gap between us. We're both in University and are going great with excitement, passion, growth in the relationship more than year in. The caveat is her parents are traditional/controlling and seem to prefer their daughter dating someone closer to her age and white (I'm brown). So they nag her, are controlling and this leads to sadness for her, when she feels she doesn't have their support, which I feel when I empathise with her. Though they can be supportive at times and allow certain freedoms, the core issue is still there.

What's your recommendations for guys in situations like this, we've worked hard, developed a lot, got a great girl but then there's barriers like this (Race and age are not an issue for her but just her parents - brought up in a country with not many other races). Should we break up what is a great relationship? or is there steps we can take to manage the issue? I feel like there's still a lot of space for growth and a continuing awesome relationship but would like some real practical advice for guys in situations like this and if it's actually feasible going forward.

They haven't actually met me so who I actually am is imaginary in their heads. Would it be smart to meet them (or would this lead to conflict?), what are some steps I could take to make the situation with how they see me better? Or in general for anyone with age gap or racial barrier problems with parents what's the wisest thing to do?

I'm sure there are many guys who are older or brown/asian/black etc in similar situations so thought it'd be an interesting article!
Thanks Chase,

Jason H