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Hi Chase,

I once went on a date with a girl in my workplace who pretty well knew I liked her. I had good first date with deep diving, teasing, touching.She seemed to have a good time too, but I was hesitant to escalate. She was always stoic on text before and even after the date. I had always tried to display implied interest and maintained intrigue, mystery an subtelty with it. One of friends who decent game asked me to drop mystery and subtelty and go all out. He started texting her on my behalf and told her I was smitten by her on the date and loved every minute of it, If I could have a girl like her I would never let her go and a bunch of cringy texts along these lines and to my amazement she was briming with excitement and my phone was buzzing the next day she was flirty,blushing and suggesting plans to meet again.

I was confused I mean I was showing her interest before and moving the seductiom forwards too by get her kn the date albeit with subtelty. How did such blatant show of desire excite her so much, why did it not turn her off I assumed it would be needy?