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Another great article Chase, I'll say it again you just think of ways to write articles that I'm sure no one thinks about. It's like you go into a person's psyche to find answers that no one can find out by other ways. Great articles man!!

I wanted to ask some questions.

1. Say of you're with a wingman, but he doesn't approach and just stays on the wall the whole night, but you want to hang out and have fun, but also get a number, but also try to get laid? How would you do all those things without it being a wrong aim?

Do you have your friend come with you and you open girls around each other? Or do u just have fun for the night and don't worry about it?

Because I didn't want to leave him, but I really wanted to approach and could tell he didn't want to move around, and I know it's because there were a lot of people in the place.


2. What if all aims are combined? What if you want to break out your comfort zone? Which would mean many things, like going out alone, approaching a girl.

Having fun so you won't be so hungry on an outing and can relax and chill.

Results, u want to talk to girls and approach them to get better or you want numbers, and to sleep with them.

What if all 3 of those are your aim?

3. Can you have a chill night with a group of people and then peel off here an there to approach women and still look good to the party of people?

4. What aims do you think are important for someone that goes out alone all the time and is breaking all kinds of comfort zones, trying to not feel bad if he doesn't achieve his goals, so he tried to have fun.

For example: Guy goes out solo to get his game better with women as well as break his comfort zone which he is doing by going out alone and approaching women.

What if he doesn't get the results he wanted and then gets uncomfortable because of it? Should he try to have fun in order to keep his energy good and to keep pushing for a good night? Shouldn't he force himself to have a good time while breaking comfort zones trying to achieve results with girls?

Basically he's trying to do all of them at the same time.

Or is it not good to try to do them all at the same time?