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Wow, that’s a good observation. This might explain why two sets women are the most difficult.

They would rather play black together and  play red on you. As one of them might see you as a threat(if she’s not the one chosen).

They play black because they get to keep their relationship and avoid one of them getting hurt. Then play red on you because you’re now seen as a threat.

I also notice this not only with two sets but also in groups of women with few guys.

What later happens is that the guy is tagged a “bad guy” by whatever reason which of course isn’t true.

If you’ve got good game, you might be able to prevent this but then it’s still very much possible.

What I’ve seen guys that succeed in this scenario do is they try as much as possible to befriend the friends of the girl they like, which is tiring, boring and stressful.

Still why I prefer cold approach a million times.