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Interesting world indeed.


Question: Is it ever a good strategy to switch from playing black to red without any reason at all? Just because you can?


Comment: two years ago, to prove a concept to a programming class, I made two female students to play red-black game one against each other. The stake was a big chocolate and the rules were these:

  1. If both play black, they split the chocolate;
  2. If one plays black and the other plays red, the one who plays red gets the chocolate, while the other gets nothing;
  3. If both play red, I get the chocolate and they look at me eating it (oh, the torture...);
  4. They have two minutes to openly negotiate what they'll do (Exactly like in split or steal TV show).

They both chose black and split the prize. I don't know if it's because the stakes were really low or because of the women's skittishness, but they got to the most profitable conclusion long-term.