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Varoon this is super interesting! I try to adopt these concepts to my own situation. There seem to be some tradeoffs we can't escape completely.

It's always about ballancing variables. Abundance prevents you from dry streaks. On the other hand you have to invest a lot of energy into the maintenance of the system, that gets more complex with every new women involved.

A strong sexual drive needs to be met, despite the risks of STDs and the dangers from interacting with other people. I don't skip oral sex. A skin disease like Papilloma has the potential to drop ones obvious marketvalue significantly, for a long time. And has tough moral implications for future unprotected sex.

For me personally I consider to go with monogamy for practical purposes and energy management, at least for a while. But I intend to have these concepts at the back of my mind. My game and state constancy are strong enough to not suffer too much in a breakup. And I plan my financial abundance and security with the woman leaving at any point in mind.

Women enjoying nonmonogamy for not being trapped fits with my experiences too. Great food for thought!