Debunking the Minimalist Approach to Physical Game in Pickup | Girls Chase

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Hey there. 


Interesting comment. 

I have met Aaron Sleazy multiple times, first time back in 2008! He is a great guy. sadly i have lost a bit contact with him since he kind of stepped away from the pick up community. 

I have seen him countless times in field, and he is really damn good. However I do not consider Sleazy a minimal gamer, despite naming his book (which I did not read). Truth is, the list of subjects i suggested in this post are in fact very close to what sleazy does. He spends lots of time meditating in field, controlling his state. his awareness of the venue was always on point and is state control was next level. His target selection was even better and so was his skills in spotting approach invitation.

His approach was tight and his escalation was tight, calibrated and advanced with a huge arsenal of physical techniques. His understanding of club dynamics, logistics and women would also help him a lot.


Not minimal game in my book.


However later on Sleazy moved away from his all game plan which obviously worked so well for him. I do not know why he did that. My sleazy is the one from 2008-9 when he was being known as the Sleazy Rockstar.


Sleazy was not the one I had in mind when writing this post.