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I'm glad to see someone finally wrote about this... it was a sticking point of mine for a solid year and a half in 2016-2017. I remember bringing home so many girls (~25-35?), only to lose them in the moment right before sex because I didn't address this response correctly. Definitely cut my success rate by 2/3s at the time. I would usually stop, then restart and persist, until she left. Sometimes this worked, but it mostly did not.

I ended up switching to a strategy of #4, which I called fractionation rather than a pattern interrupt. I would usually end the escalation by telling her that I really liked her and was having a great time with her, and then I'd suggest we go out and grab tea/coffee or take a walk...anything to completely change the mood while showing her that I still wanted to see her outside of sex, to manage my attainability.

Option 1 I tried early on, but never had the right frame or sexy vibe to pull off...I'll try this again.

Option 5 is another interesting one...

Cool article, Chase!