The 'Pay Your Dues' Approach to Incredible Social Skills | Girls Chase

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Sound advice, Chase. Sound advice for those who want get into cool parties, hip circles, beautiful girls, and be around "in-demand" people. Those who want those things and are starting at the bottom do have their work cut out for them.

Me? I don't really feel a great need or desire for those things. It's like great wealth - it never really appealed to me. I know I'm supposed to value these things, but I just don't. McMansions, fancy cars, trophy wives... for what? They're so not worth the trouble. What's been worth the trouble is the ability to pull some decent punani on a regular basis. And I did put some effort into that, most of which was just about sharpening my social skills. But so long as I have that, and don't go like two months without it, I am a happy man.

Some people might consider it weird being so low-maintenance, but I consider it a relief, not having to worry about amassing so much money or social cred just so I can barter it to fulfill my needs. It's more of a strength than anything else, and I think anyone would gain from pausing and asking him, "What do I really need in order to get by?"