The 'Pay Your Dues' Approach to Incredible Social Skills | Girls Chase

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Hey Chase,

I have a question about balancing attainability. We have to mind the balance between security and thrill with girls.

But sometimes they can explicitly bring it up, it becomes a test or "walking the line". I remember you wrote an article about a girl who was on a date with you and she asked if you like her, and you just smiled

Her: See, you don't like me

And I think you said (after her persistence), "I do".

I can't find article anymore after searching vigorously. 

But what is your rule of thumb for when girls seem bothered or depressed raised concerns about our committment or interest? How do you handle these without landing into boyfriend zone or losing intrigue and she knows she's got you?

For example, recently, a girl I know felt depressed and I asked her what's up. She said she feels lonely and I said I'm here and she says "You don't really want me." How you handle these situations in general, a rule of thumb and how you would respond in this specific one. Any examples of your personal experiences would be great. 

Sorry for requesting you to type more for this one. I want to understand the rational for how to handle these scenarios as they come in different colours. If you aren't convenient at the moment, you can be concise and ignore my request for the extra examples.