The 'Pay Your Dues' Approach to Incredible Social Skills | Girls Chase

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1. What if you do all of these social things, but all of your friends are fakes?

I've always have been able to hang with a lot of friends and make them, but we always have a fall out and idk why, I bring value by being funny, cool, etc.

These are people who have went out there way to be my friends on their own, no work from me.

They just end up being fake towards me and I cut them off.

Happens with everyone, so I'm a loner because of this.

What can I do to solve this and to stop it?

2 . Is this article meant for younger people ? I can't really picture 30+ men doing this as a newbie or groups that would allow them in?

When you're fresh outta college you still have a chance because you're still young. But when you're older most people are family men that don't hang out, so your only option is to hang with younger people, which might make you look odd, or just be alone.

What's the way to solve that ?

3. I thought at one time you said not to hang with dudes that'll being your value down? Like nerds? Is that still true or no?