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Hey there. As you mention people do drink when clubbing. That is a crucial part of it. However I do not hook up with women who are above a certain level of drunkness - "tipsiness" is my limit. I usually avoid those drunk girls.

If you face too many drunk people, it means you are going to the wrong venue. Dive bars and meat markets kind of clubs tend to attract a lot of crap - due to the nature of those places and the low or lower alcohol prices. Factors that contribute to this problem:
- No door policy (any kind of crap gets in)

- Cheap booze (people get easily drunk)

- Meat market kind of places (usually have too many trashy ugly girls and too many men, but exceptions do occur, however people tend to be drunker there). 


I therefore prefer clubs which are either:

- Niche

-Strict door policy

- High end (hotter chicks there) with expensiv alcohol (fewer drunk people). 


Hope this helps.