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Come on, dude! You're comparing the MGTOW guys to men who get raped in prison or those who give up their women in wars? I know you're not fan of those guys, but there was no need to get so graphic and tear them down like that. Especially that the comparison doesn't hold - a guy who gets raped in prison make give in out of fear, but for most of those MGTOWs, it's more out of "I'm not getting the best bang for my buck."

Here's the thing...

Society decided to increase the cost of getting females. So naturally, a chunk of men who weren't all that hard-up on female companionship decided the cost isn't worth the product anymore, especially if they can get their thrills in some other way than the traditional dating scene. If you want to jump through the additional hoops society puts for you and spend additional resources in time, energy, money, and so on, that's fine. But no need to imply you're more manly for it, or those who don't less. You just value chicks more than they do, enough to bear the additional cost, that's all. And I'm sure they're willing to sacrifice more for other things they value more.

Also, some girls will suffer at least as much deprivation. I mean, they can't all find another guy, since the male/female ratio is 50:50. So if a chunk of males opts out, a chunk of females will remain without a guy.

So you know, I don't think any side in this merits more praise or esteem than the other. And I'm in neither at the moment - meaning neither on the prowl looking for chicks, not completely out of the market. I'm just your regular Joe with a steady girlfriend who has barely enough leisure time to see her every other day. It's just about what different people value more, depending on their circumstances, options, and their own subjective desires. So no need for either side to put the other down for choosing this or that path.

You'll notice I didn't spend much time commenting on the rest of this piece and the tips you put forward for the men on the hunt, or why some of these girls do what they do, and that's because I agree with pretty much all of it lol. Great advice as usual.