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Hi Hector,


an interesting article. I have a few notes.

1) If you live in a homogenous country, where racial minorities are very small or almost non-existent, then being dominant race does not matter much. You are like everyone else so the effect is mostly neutral.

2) You mentioned spreading of left ideas everywhere. But in economics, mainstream since the 1970/80 shifted towards neoliberalism which spread to most countries in some extent. In social issues, there was rise of social liberalism in the recent decades, but in many countries also rise of religious fundamentalism (Muslim countries, evangelical Christians in the US, Hindu nationalists in India, Orthodox church in Russia, Judaism in Israel, conservative Catholicism in Poland, more recently alt Right in the US or anti-immigration movements in Europe etc.)

3) What are the most ridiculous things European girls told you about the US? I am from Czech republic so I am curious about it. I have never been in the USA, but I am interested in what happens in your country.

Btw. some people in Europe have a stereotype, that average Americans do not know much about world geography and history. So many of them have never heard that something like Czech republic actually exists (many Czechs who were here told that). No wonder then that some of them believed that Obama was like Soviet-style Communist. But not only this, f.e. check this videos:

It does not help the break the stereotype. Though I believe there are also many well educated people.


Thanks, Anonym