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The reason you see white guys do the best online is because I have actually seen them put the most effort into a good profile by having up great photos until something works. Most minorities I see put up selfies and low quality photos online and expect good results. White guys go above and beyond for good photos and I honestly notice that of all the races, outside of maybe some Latin ethnicities, white guys care the most about their appearance. 

Most minorities just don't try on dating apps, they put up shitty profiles and then cry racism when they get no matches. 

I am Indian (the group that is supposed to have it the toughest) and I have had a lot of success with dating apps, at first I used to struggle until I got good photos done and now I get matches regularly. Every week I have a date available if I want and I have had weeks when I have close to 50 likes on Bumble. 

Most of my white friends do not have my level of results so I really don't get this whole whining about online dating being tough, it is very doable. Have good fundamentals and show that by taking the right photos which portray you as an interesting sexy guy.