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It seems like when it comes to raw attraction, opposites attract for hot girls with all else being equal, notice this the most among whites.

Being a white guy with darker features myself (John Stamos lookalike), I notice that I attract blondes and redheads like wild-fire. When I do attract a brunette, she is pasty pale like the kinds of women they have in Ireland and England. Most of my matches on dating apps fit this look.

On the flip side, the women I struggle with the most are the Monica Bellucci lookaikes, Mediterranean women and swarthier white women. Then looking around in bars, maybe its confirmation bias, I notice these sorts of women are crazy for the blond haired Viking lookalike. My cousin has this look and he absolutely slayed in Southern Spain.

I look at interracial couples and I notice this as well. Most of the times when I see a hot white girl with a minority, she is usually a blonde or redhead. Redheads are fucking crazy for darker dick no matter how shallow of an area you may be in. It has got to be a freaking thing at least in the US, pretty sure you clean up with this group Hector. Same with blondes, if you are a minority with tight fundamentals, they love you.

On the flip side, I notice that swarthier white women are the least fond of minorities, I am sure you struggle with this group yourself Hector. It is rare for me to see a Mediterranean or more tanned white girl going interracial and I've known plenty of darker guys who have hit on them.

I notice I rarely see blond guys with hot blonde girls, redhead guys with redhead women or darker swarthier white guys with hot white girls who are darker themselves when I am in a racially diverse area.

With that being the case, if your goal is to get the hottest girls regularly, should you avoid women who ethnically resemble you at all costs?